5th Victim Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Southeast U.S.

    Photo Courtesy: foxcarolina.com

    A fifth person in the southeastern U.S. has contracted flesh-eating bacteria, though the CDC says there still isn't an epidemic.  This time, it was an elderly South Carolina woman who had a close call with the disease.

    FOX News Radio's Paul Stevens reports:

    Audio clip:

    Louise Thompson wasn't too concerned about a patch of sore skin on one of her legs.

    (Thompson) "I didn't have a blemish, or a pimple or 'nuthin'."

    But that area soon became a full-blown case of necrotizing faciitis, or what's commonly called flesh-eating bacteria.  That whole area of skin had to be removed.

    (Thompson) "And the place that was cut out was the size of a regular football."

    Thompson spent five days in a coma, and is currently in rehab.  Doctors say flesh-eating bacteria often lives on people's skin, but can enter the body through a minor wound.

    Paul Stevens, FOX News Radio.

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