Name recognition can be an important factor in any political race, but how many candidates change their names to help their cause?  One Florida Congressional hopeful has, making it easier to remember both his name and where to learn more about him.

FOX News Radio's Jane Metzler reports:

He used to be Eddie Gonzalez.  Now...

(Campaign Video) "I am, an Independent candidate for U.S. House of Representatives."

Because a Florida judge approved his legal name change and he's gathered enough petition signatures to make it on the November ballot, state election officials say they had no choice:, now one of the official choices for voters in the 25th Congressional district.  It includes parts of Miami-Dade, Broward and Collier Counties.

Cutting taxes and fuel costs, the focus of his campaign.

(Campaign Video) "I am, and I approve this message."

No word on whether his wife approves of the new last name.

I'm, FOX News Radio.

WATCH's campaign video HERE: