Most of us have had an order messed up at a fast food drive-thru, but it is how a Dayton, Ohio-area man handled a wrong order at a Taco Bell that has him facing charges.

Matt Bruning with FOX News Radio affiliate WTVN in Columbus, Ohio reports:

23-year-old Michael Smith asked his girlfriend...

(Taco Bell Commercial: Yo quiero Taco Bell)

... she said yes, but the staff shorted them one soft taco. 

(Sucher) "I'd say about a buck."

That's how much Huber Heights Police Officer Brandon Sucher says it was worth. After screaming at the employees at the Taco Bell, he left, with his taco, and drove the vehicle through the front doors before speeding off.

(Sucher) "The officers then followed a fluid trail from the front of the the business to where the suspect was located out at his residence."

Where he admitted to the crime. Smith now in jail on felony vandalism charges.

In Columbus, Ohio, Matt Bruning for FOX News Radio.