It appears that the battle for the GOP presidential nomination is almost over. Former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney could close in on the party's nomination in Texas tonight.

FOX News Radio's Pam Puso reports:

From America's Election Headquarters...

It could be a big day for Mitt Romney, who's on the brink of clinching the Republican presidential nomination.

He's expected to win the Texas primary where 152 delegates are up for grabs. That would put him over the 1,144 needed to become the nominee. On Memorial Day, Romney made a pledge to keep America the world's dominant military power.

(Romney) "We choose that course in America not so that we just win wars, but so we can prevent wars because a strong America is the best deterrent to war that ever has been invented."

As voters head to the polls, Romney will be in Las Vegas for a fundraiser hosted by Donald Trump.

Pam Puso, FOX News Radio.