Female WWII Veteran Cornie McGrath

On this Memorial Day, we honor America's war dead and also those who are still living for their sacrifices. In Annandale, Virginia there's a 104 year-old woman who served her country in World War II.

Beth Parker with FOX TV Affiliate WTTG sat down with Cornie McGrath:

McGrath: "I've had a good life."

From her rocking chair in Annandale, Virginia Cornie McGrath reflects on her 104 years.

McGrath: "Just good genes I guess."

During World War II, she worked at the Red River Ordnance Depot in Texas.

McGrath: "Loading bombs onto diesels."

She rose through the ranks to become an Officer. After the war ended, she was sent to Europe, assigned to Grisham Ordnance Depot near Frankfurt.

McGrath: "Very dirty and greasy."

Parker: "What do you think about being 104?"

McGrath: "Oh everybody tells me that 'oh you look soo great, you look great!'. I don't feel as well as I look then I say."

In Annandale, Beth Parker, FOX News.

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