Female WWII Veteran Remembers Her Service

    Female WWII Veteran Cornie McGrath

    On this Memorial Day, we honor America's war dead and also those who are still living for their sacrifices. In Annandale, Virginia there's a 104 year-old woman who served her country in World War II.

    Beth Parker with FOX TV Affiliate WTTG sat down with Cornie McGrath:

    Audio clip:

    McGrath: "I've had a good life."

    From her rocking chair in Annandale, Virginia Cornie McGrath reflects on her 104 years.

    McGrath: "Just good genes I guess."

    During World War II, she worked at the Red River Ordnance Depot in Texas.

    McGrath: "Loading bombs onto diesels."

    She rose through the ranks to become an Officer. After the war ended, she was sent to Europe, assigned to Grisham Ordnance Depot near Frankfurt.

    McGrath: "Very dirty and greasy."

    Parker: "What do you think about being 104?"

    McGrath: "Oh everybody tells me that 'oh you look soo great, you look great!'. I don't feel as well as I look then I say."

    In Annandale, Beth Parker, FOX News.

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