Should convicted drunk drivers be forced to pass a breathalyzer test before getting behind the wheel every time? Some groups are pushing for that to happen, but not everyone agrees.

FOX's Adam Housley reports:

There's a new push to require alcohol testing devices for all DUI offenders. Right now only 16 states nationwide require ignition interlocks for anyone convicted of driving under the influence, including first-time offenders. There are other states that require them only for hard core, or repeat offenders. In a recent study by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety found that having an interlock law would reduce those who repeat offend, but not everyone is in favor of the idea. The American Beverage Institute says it shouldn't be up to states but to Judges, and estimate it would cost states more than $430 million dollars to supervise offenders.

In Los Angeles, Adam Housley, FOX News Radio.

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