VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of May 25th

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Skyfall – Official Teaser Trailer.”

This sneak peek into the latest James Bond film shows Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007, playing a game of free word association in an interrogation room.  Coolly alluding to violence and lingerie, the word “skyfall” triggers a haunting memory leaving the British secret agent visibly shaken, but not stirred.

Then, there’s this:

“Turkey Dubstep.”

It’s a short, amusing animated clip featuring two turkeys who banter light heartedly before breaking into a beat boxing session and dancing to a genre of electronic dance music known as “dubstep.”

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Bill Murray Hosted Tour of Moonrise Kingdom.”

Giving a behind the scenes look into director Wes Anderson’s latest film, Bill Murray … who stars in the movie, delivers a dry and hysterical run-through of the cast and sets… while drinking some spiced rum and wearing a very loud pair of pants.

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I’m Lauren Faulkner and those are your Facebook Status Updates on FOX News Radio.