One of the top issues heading into November's elections is the economy.  But who has the better plan to get the U.S. back on track?  Representatives for both candidates took to the Sunday political shows to state their side's case.

FOX News Radio's Jill Nado reports from Washington in today's Election Update:

From America's Election Headquarters...

House Speaker John Boehner, backing Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's plans.

(Speaker Boehner) "The election is going to be about the economy and getting Americans back to work, and I think Governor Romney's prescriptions are much better."

Boehner on ABC's "This Week."  But former Obama Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee says the GOP is ready to help the rich.  The poor and middle-class...not so much.

(Goolsbee) "Does it need giant tax cuts for high-income people, and crushing of Social Security and Medicare, or do we want a balanced plan?"

Goolsbee on "FOX News Sunday."

In Washington, Jill Nado, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more of Austan Goolsbee appearing with Rep. Paul Ryan on "FOX News Sunday" HERE:

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