Experts unveil the unprecedented plans to salvage the Costa Concordia cruise liner that sank off the coast of Italy last January.

FOX News Radio's Courtney Walsh has the details from Rome:

The partially sunken Costa Concordia ship will be removed in one piece and scrapped once it is on the mainland. The cruiser had 4,300 aboard when it capsized off the Tuscan Island of Giglio in January, killing 32. Captain Rich Habib of the Titan Salvage Company says the operation will last about a year and is unprecedented.

Habib: "It is the largest uprighting and floating of a vessel in history."

Habib also assured that while this is the heaviest boat ever to be righted, the environmental impact should be minimal. An Italian official also confirmed that two bodies of the 32 dead are still missing.

In Rome, Courtney Walsh, FOX News Radio.

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