There's a third case of flesh-eating bacteria being reported with ties to Georgia. Bobby Vaughn is a landscaper from Cartersville. He's in critical condition and is being treated at Doctors Hospital in Augusta; the same facility as Aimee Copeland. Copeland contracted her bacteria after a zip-lining fall and has learned she will lose parts of her hands and foot to amputation. She has already lost part of her leg.

In this third case, Vaughn was injured at work when he fell from a tree two weeks ago, cutting his side.

Amanda Nicholson, Vaughn's ex-wife had this to say about her ex-husband's condition:

Nicholson: "Took him to the hospital, they um treated him, he chose to leave. Got up the next morning and it had spread."

Watch the VIDEO for more on this story:

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Editor's Note: Lana Kuykendall a Piedmont, South Carolina mom is also fighting the infection, just days after giving birth to twins in Atlanta at Emory University Hospital Midtown.

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