Ron Paul, while still officially in the race for the GOP nomination for November's Presidential election, is scaling back his campaign plans.  If you live in a state yet to cast primary ballots, don't expect to see the candidate coming around.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal has more:

Ron Paul has maintained throughout that his quest about about spreading a message and getting delegates.

(Paul) "We're gonna continue to accumulate the delegates, which we have.  In some of the states that they said we had lost the straw vote, guess what: we're winning the delegate vote."

That was Paul Super Tuesday, and today's statement indicates that effort will not change.  Paul supporters on Twitter are frustrated by reports that read his statement as a campaign suspension.  Paul's statement says they'll keep working in the state convention process - they just don't have the cash to actively campaign in primary states.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.