With dwindling funds available for historic preservation, old places are using new media to win the competition for money that's available to help save pieces of American history.

FOX News Radio's Jane Metzler reports:

("Hello, Dolly!" - Louis Armstrong) "Hello, Dolly..."

I'ts the house where jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong lived with his wife Lucille in Queens, New York, practicing his trademark trumpet there, holding some legendary outdoor jam sessions.  Now, the Louis Armstrong House finds itself in competition with 40 other organizations for a share of millions in historic preservation money on Facebook and Twitter.  Marketing Director Jennifer Waldren Weprin:

(Waldren Weprin) "This is sort of the 'American Idol' contest for cultural organizations.  And since Louis was an icon, we like to say 'Vote for an American icon.'"

("What a Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong) "I see trees of green..."

The $250,000 will be used to spruce up the gardens where those jam sessions took place and jazz concerts and educational programs take place today.

Jane Metzler, FOX News Radio.