Securing America.

The House Armed Services Committee has approved $100 million for a missile defense shield for the East Coast of the United States that the Pentagon says it does not need.

FOX News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon in our ongoing series on national security:

Republicans on the committee are worried the President plans to cut missile defense in the wake of his "hot mic" remarks to the Russian President.  Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio:

(Rep. Turner) "He has some secret deal or plan, and we want to make certain that we're making the missile defense system robust, while he is - at the same time - announcing internationally that he wants to weaken in."

But Democratic Congressman John Garamendi tells FOX News the Republican proposal is designed to make the President look weak on defense.

(Rep. Garamendi) "Beating the national security drum is something the Republicans do often, usually six months before a national and a regional election."

Iran and North Korea - the two countries the missile shield is designed to protect against - do not currently have any missiles that can get within 5,000 miles of Washington, D.C.

At the Pentagon, Jennifer Griffin, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the missile defense system HERE:

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