JetBlue is now apologizing to the parents of a little girl who was removed from a flight earlier this week.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony explains:

The toddler was flagged like she was a terrorist. Removed from JetBlue flight 510 in Newark Tuesday night:

Riyanna's Mom: "And I said, For what?"

Little Riyanna's Mom and Dad were told she was banned:

Riyanna's Dad: "It's absurd. Why would an 18 month-old child be on a 'no-fly' list?"

The TSA told the airline the girl wasn't on the list. And then JetBlue blamed a computer glitch and told the New Jersey family they could re-board the plane and go to Fort Lauderdale, but they refused; humiliated.

Riyanna's Dad: "We were put on display like a circus act because my wife wears a hijab."

JetBlue says it followed proper protocol, but apologized.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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