I want to first off thank colleague Todd Starnes for yet another grand slam investigative story.

The good news is that Todd finds stories that you generally won’t find in too many places if at all.

The bad news is that these stories almost always get my blood pressure through the roof!!

This one is no different.

Todd informs us that the British Government wants health care providers to temper use of the term “obese” because it could OFFEND people!!

Can you BELIEVE this??

In fact, they believe the term could be considered DEROGATORY!!

Ummmm. If you are obese…you are…obese.


I am short for a man. I’m ok with that. It’s not derogatory to acknowledge that I am not tall.

Now if you were to call me SHORT STOP, TATTOO, or ask me when I expect to be fully grown, that would cross the line.

But no one is suggesting that health care providers call patients FATTY, BUFFET BOOTY, or anything of the sort.

Those, too, would cross a line.

Should we not call diabetics DIABETICS?

Should we not call insomniacs INSOMNIACS?

Should we not call the blind BLIND?


But this is the inevitable place that politically correct, nonsensical thinking has brought us.

It could take us to no other destination.

But this asinine recommendation is in good idiotic company, alongside suggesting tests and homework not be corrected in RED INK because it might damage kids.

Or saying you can’t get an “F” in a course no matter how badly you actually FAILED.

Or replacing handicapped with “handicapable”!!

Or not keeping score because God forbid we might end up with winners and losers!!

It’s all NUTS!!

Oh sorry. You aren’t allowed to say that word, either.

Never mind.

The truth is we DO have an obesity epidemic.

Obesity is a medical term, not a schoolyard taunt.

People are getting fatter than they ever have. And at a time when we have are experiencing a nutritional RENAISSANCE!!

If anything, we should be seeing more HEALTHY and FIT people than ever before!!

The first step in addressing a problem is to label it and acknowledge it.

By caring more about sparing feelings than trying to help people who are slowly but surely eating themselves to death does no one any good.

Here’s a link to Todd’s on the mark commentary…https://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/british-dont-say-obese.html.