Spirit Airlines bows to public pressure to give a dying Veteran his money back for a flight he could no longer take.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports on Spirit's about-face:

Spirit Airlines has a no-refund, no exceptions policy. Unless you buy travel insurance. Which cancer stricken Vietnam Veteran Jerry Meekins did not. And when his doctor told him he couldn't fly:

Meekins: "The part that really got me was when they said well if you die before the flight, we'll give you a partial refund."

The way he was treated prompting an instant outpouring from Veterans groups and others:

Meekins: "I had a call from a lady who's flown them for the last ten years. Twice a year to Detroit and back says she'll never fly them again."

Faced with a burgeoning boycott, the CEO of the discount carrier now says he'll personally refund Meekins' airfare and make a $5,000 dollar donation to the charity of Meekins' choice; The Wounded Warrior Project.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.

Watch a VIDEO of Jerry Meekins' appearance on FOX & Friends:

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