A former rival for the Republican Presidential nomination is the latest to stand beside presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern has more from Washington in this election update:

From America's Election Headquarters...

(Bachmann) "To lend my voice and my endorsement to Mitt Romney!"

Before dropping out of the Republican race in January, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann predicted Romney couldn't beat President Obama.  Now, she's making a new prediction.

(Bachmann) "We will soundly stand for someone who believes in America, who believes in our children."

Bachmann chairs the House Tea Party caucus, and her endorsement could help bolster Romney's conservative credentials.  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have yet to make endorsements.

In Washington, Jared Halpern, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on Bachmann's endorsement of Romney HERE:

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