A leading House Republican is trying to make the case to consider Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern explains from Washington:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has drafted a 64 page contempt order against the Attorney General, complaining the GOP-led Committee has recieved just a fraction of the documents it's requested about the Fast and Furious operation.

(Issa) "It's clear they're not going to give us the documents. They've sort of closed up and covered up the people they now want to protect."

Right now the order is just a draft and sources tell FOX News further action would need the consent of Speaker John Boehner.

A statement from the Justice Department says DOJ continues to comply with the Committee, noting Attorney General Holder has testified about Fast and Furious seven times.

In Washington, Jared Halpern, FOX News Radio.

WATCH to learn more on the drafted contempt order against Attorney General Holder:

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