It was late on the night of May 1st, 2011 when President Obama announced that U.S. Special Forces had killed al-Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden.  But a year later, are we any safer in America than we were before?

FOX Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington in our ongoing series on national security:

al-Qaeda's affiliates are gaining ground.  With several thousand members, the affiliate in Yemen operates so openly that it flies al-Qaeda's black banner.  Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers:

(Rogers) "Are we going to say that the war on terror is over? No, and what we get concerned about is their ferocious appetite for finding new ways to promote violence and terror around the world."

al-Qaeda has shown its ability to reconstitute after major military strikes.  In 2002, a CIA drone took out the leaders of al-Qaeda in Yemen, and just seven years later, the group nearly brought down a plane over Detroit.

In Washington, Catherine Herridge, FOX News Radio.

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