What should have been a nice game of golf ended as a gator attack for a golfer in Florida.

Ken Suarez with FOX affiliate WTVT reports from Lake Wales, Florida: 

Recently a nine-footer used his speed to run towards an unsuspecting golfer who was close to the water, grab him, and pull Al Miller in.

(Miller) "He lifted me off the ground about three feet and slammed me down on my back."

Miller says the pain was excruciating. His golfing buddies raced to help as he flailed around and screamed. It was a tug of was between reptile and retirees.

(Miller) "I thought that was it. I thought the best that could happen was he'd chomp my leg off."

Miller was waist deep in water by the time the gator, for whatever reason, let go. He ended up with three gashes. The gator was taken out of the lake and put down.

WATCH to learn more about the gator that attacked the golfer:

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