AEHQ: IN Senator Faces Challenge From Within His Party

Longtime Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is facing a challenge for his seat, a challenge that's coming from within his own party.

FOX's Steve Brown has details in this election update:

Audio clip:

From America's Election Headquarters...

Six terms, 35+ years, and still Republican U.S. Senator Richard Lugar could be losing his grasp on his seat.  Now, a group that has endorsed his opponent, Citizens United, is out with a poll that says that that GOP challenger, Richard Murdoch, is ahead 44-39 in advance of the May 8th primary.  Keep in mind, this is a partisan poll.  But factor in the margin of error, and statistically, it's a mathematical tie.

But it matches intel from internal polling that the race is trending Murdoch's way.  The poll also points out only half of likely Republican primary voters are firm about who they'll vote for.

Steve Brown, FOX News Radio.