NY Boy Kicked Off Girls’ Field Hockey Team For Being Too Good [VIDEO]

Courtesy: myFOXny

A New York boy is no longer allowed to play a girl's sport, because he is too good at it.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports from New York: 

Audio clip:

Keeling Pilaro loves field hockey:

(Pilaro) "I play a lot of sports, but none of them, like, compare to how I like field hockey. It's just so much fun."

But the 13-year-old can no longer play for Southampton High School. The organization overseeing Suffolk County, New York sports kicking the boy off the team for being too good, adversely affecting the girls:

(Pilaro) "I'm not like the best out there there dominating."

Keeling's not the biggest either. Just four-foot-eight, 82 pounds. His teammates support him, his dad says he's never heard opponents complain. The boy's final appeal will be next month:

(Pilaro) "I hope they'll let me just play for at least one more year. I think the girls are my family now."

In New York, Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

WATCH to learn more on Keeling Pilaro's struggle to play field hockey: