OK Bar to Livestream Sunday Church Sermon

    There won't be any sports on the televisions at one Tulsa, Oklahoma bar this Sunday.  Instead, they'll be serving up a sermon with the stouts.

    FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig has more on this pious plan:

    Audio clip:

    They'll be turning water into wine at the Drunk Monkey.

    (Beene) "Even if you think it's like the house of the Devil, well, I think God can come in here."

    Owner Joe Beene will be livestreaming mass on Sunday morning.

    (Beene) "Jesus didn't have a church necessarily, he went out to see the people."

    A point echoed by Beene's pastor, Eastman Curtis of Tulsa's Celebration Church.

    (Curtis) "He died on the town trash heap.  I mean, where sinners are talking smut."

    Curtis' congregation raised the $1,000 dollars needed to air Sunday services at the bar, a place where the Pastor himself was saved.

    (Curtis) "I was a mom's worst nightmare."

    Beene came up with the idea knowing some of his regulars were in trouble, but couldn't muster the courage to face the Church.  He's offering a free brunch for those who come to mass this Sunday.

    Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

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