Health Officials: Kids Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer [VIDEO]

We've heard of teens huffing paint thinner and sniffing or drinking other household products to get high, but health officials are warning that kids have found a new way to get a buzz; hand sanitizer.  The instructions are easy to find, and parents can be more than willing enablers while thinking their giving their kids a product to protect them from germs.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig has the story:

Audio clip:

Health officials in Los Angeles, warning that hand sanitizer is the new way for kids to get drunk.  At least eight teens have ended up in L.A. hospitals in just the past few weeks after using salt to extract alcohol from the cleaning gel.

Dr. Mark Morocco at UCLA Medical Center warns the sanitizer provides a quick and easy high.

(Dr. Morocco) "But you're also going to have effects in your blood stream that are going to make you nauseous, dizzy and make you feel terrible."

Hand sanitizer contains 62% ethyl alcohol, enough to make the equivalent of a shot of 120-proof hard liquor.

(Dr. Morocco) "If you have five martinis, you're going to feel pretty bad and eventually pass out.  The same thing if you drink a lot of this stuff."

Experts, calling for warning labels to alert parents of the risk.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

Doctors warned last year that young kids can unintentionally get drunk through hand sanitizer.

WATCH one example HERE: