Scandal: MI Judge Disrobes for Picture, Proudly Sends It to Bailiff

    A Michigan judge who handles cases involving sexual misconduct and pornography is at the center of a scandal after he sends out a racy picture of himself.  He doesn't see much problem with it - in fact, he thinks he looks pretty fly.

    FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper has more:

    Audio clip:

    Wayne County, Michigan Judge Wade McCree is handed a picture of a man holding a cell phone in front of a mirror, wearing nothing from the waist up.

    (McCree) "Hotdog!  Yep, that's me!"

    Judge McCree basically says he's sexy and he knows it.

    (McCree) "There's no...shoot!, no shame to my game.  I ain't talking to nobody else's wife.  Shoot!"

    The husband of the court employee who received the picture on her cell phone is less than thrilled.  His voice disguised, he tells the Detroit FOX station:

    (Bailiff's Husband) "What kind of man would send this to a married woman, knowing that he's a married man, himself?"

    A complaint is being filed with the prosecutor and the Judicial Tenure Commission.  Judge McCree says:

    (McCree) "Oh yea, I've sent that out to other women, sure.  There's nothing nude about it.  I am in no more clothes than I'll be at the Y when I swim my mile."

    Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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