Portable Pool Safety Warning [VIDEO]

It doesn't take much water to drown.  With the weather turning warmer, and manufacturers coming out with pools that don't cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, the Federal government is warning about the dangers of these new "portable" pools.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

Audio clip:

More families are buying portable pools.  Some are inflated and small, some hold thousands of gallons, and dozens of small children drown in them every year.

(Tenenbaum) "People aren't handling them appropriately by covering them when they're not in use, draining them when the weather turns cold and fencing them in at all times."

Inez Tenenbaum with the Consumer Product Safety Commission says supervision's important, too.

(Tenenbaum) "You have to have an adult - a 'water watcher,' we call them - when kids are in or near the pool."

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

The CPSC has started a YouTube campaign to bring awareness to pool safety.

WATCH one of the CPSC's educational videos HERE: