U.S. & Afghanistan Reach Deal On Strategic Partnership [VIDEO]

Even though U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan soon, the U.S. will offer support well into the future.

FOX's Dominic Di-Natale reports from Kabul, Afghanistan:

Audio clip:

A new pact finalized on Sunday has America maintaining its presence here through 2024. It's taken months of hard bargaining, but the U.S. will now support Afghanistan financially and militarily once its forces have drawn down in the next two years. The Strategic Partnership Agreement as it's called will focus on security, democracy, and economics. Military intervention will only happen with strict Afghan approval.

An enduring U.S. presence here is also seen as a deterrent to the Taliban and Iran and Pakistan. All of whom are largely blamed for trying to destabilize the country.

In Kabul, Dominic Di-Natale, FOX News Radio.

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