Trio of Trials Take Spotlight, Opening on Same Day

    A trio of trials are set to get underway Monday in various parts of the country, each with its own superstar defendant, witness or both.

    LISTEN to full FOX News Radio team coverage from Jared Halpern in Washington, Eben Brown in Greensboro, NC and Jennifer Keiper in Chicago:

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    I'm Jared Halpern in Washington, where baseball great Roger Clemens is again on trial, accused of lying about steroid use to Congress.   This is the second trial for the seven-time Cy Young winner - a Judge declaring a mistrial last July.  Like last year, the potential witness list for this trial includes several high-profile ball players, including former Clemens' teammates Andy Pettitte and Paul O'Neill.

    I'm Eben Brown in Greensboro, North Carolina, where former Democratic Senator and political star John Edwards will begin to stand trial on corruption charges.  Federal prosecutors say the former Vice Presidential nominee used close to $1 million in campaign donations to hide an affair as he was running for the Democratic bid for the White House, and as his wife, Elizabeth, was fighting cancer in 2008.  He's facing 30 years in prison.

    Here in Chicago, one of the city's own returns, but under grim circumstances.  Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is expected to be in court when the man accused of killing her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew goes on trial today.  Prosecutors say William Balfour flew into a jealous rage when he learned that his estranged wife - Hudson's sister - had been seeing another man.  A packed courtroom is expected when proceedings begin, here at the criminal court building in Chicago.  Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.