A kidney donor from New York goes out of her way to try to help her boss...and gets a "punch to the gut" for her trouble.

FOX News Radio's Pat O'Neill explains:

Audio clip:

A woman in Long Island, New York claims she was fired after donating a kidney to help her boss get a transplant.  Debbie Stevens says her boss, Jackie Brucia, berated her when she was out sick for three days from her car dealership job after the surgery last summer.  She tells the New York Post she was demoted to a job 50 miles from home, then fired after her lawyers wrote a letter to the company, Atlantic Automotive Group.

(Stevens) "I think that I worked hard.  I thought that I got the position that I had based on merit, on hard work and doing a good job.  And maybe I was mistaken by that."

Stevens wasn't a perfect match for her boss, so she was allowed to donate her kidney to someone else in the transplant group, moving her boss up the list.  Stevens says she doesn't regret donating the kidney since it did save the life of a man in Missouri.

Pat O'Neill, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more of what Stevens has to say about the firing HERE:

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