Sources: “Site of Interest” Found in Search For Etan Patz [VIDEO]

Bad weather shut down the search for Etan Patz in New York City early on Sunday afternoon without any remains being found, but not before officials found a "site of interest" in the hunt for clues into the young boy's disappearance more than three decades ago.  A suspicious stain on a wall in the basement of a building in New York's SOHO neighborhood is attracting the interest of investigators, who have torn up the concrete floor in the basement, a floor poured right around the time of Patz's disappearance in 1979.

FOX's Anna Kooiman has more details from the scene of the search in New York:

Audio clip:

They have been using a chemical called luminol, that can sometimes indicated the presence of blood.  A team of about 40 FBI agents and NYPD officers are on site, just as they said, rain or shine.

Teams are using jackhammers, a chain saw and fans while ripping up the concrete, and then began digging in the dirt for the very first time yesterday.  They'll go about four-to-six feet, and anticipate finishing up that process today (Sunday).  Investigators are sifting through the sediment and bagging up any potential evidence they think could lead them to answers.

WATCH more on the latest in the search for clues into Etan Patz's disappearance HERE: