3 Secret Service Agents Ousted In Scandal… So Far [VIDEO]

Three people have lost their jobs, and that may be just the beginning of the fall-out from the alleged Colombia prostitution scandal involving the Secret Service.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson in Washington.

Audio clip:

Eight more Secret Service Agents and officers await their fates. The day after they learn that one supervisor's been fired, another allowed to retire, and a lower ranking officer allowed to resign.

The moral of this story, according to Virginia Republican Congressman Randy Forbes:

(Forbes) "Don't let the prositutes in. If we can't get that fundamental principle right, how can we get the rest of the principles right we need for our national security?"

Forbes is calling on Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan to quit. But other lawmakers from both parties are still supporting Sullivan.

In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio

WATCH to learn more about the Secret Service scandal:

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