AEHQ: Women Taking Center Stage in 2012 Election [VIDEO]

In light of Hilary Rosen's comments about Ann Romney, women have taken center stage in the 2012 Presidential campaign.  So what issues are other stay-at-home moms concerned about, and what do they think of the comments?

FOX Senior National Correspondent John Roberts reports in this election update:

Audio clip:

From America's Election Headquarters...

What do stay-at-home moms think about Hilary Rosen's comments regarding Ann Romney not working a day in her life?  Holly Morris says they were "prideful and ignorant."  She gave up a job in real estate to raise her baby daughter.  The rough economy has caused financial hardship for her family, but she says it's all worth it to be able to stay home with Grace Annabelle.

(Morris) "There's something great to be said for women, for men who feel called to stay home and raise their children.  It gives the children a firm foundation in who they are."

Michelle Kakaty is Morris' friend, and says raising her three children is the most rewarding job she's ever had.  She's also a swing voter and is taking a look around this year.  Kakaty says her top issues: the economy, taxes and energy.

John Roberts, FOX News Radio.

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