IL Man Drowns in Pond After Swan Attack

    It decided to bite the hand that feeds it.  A swan in an Illinois pond is responsible for the accidental death of a man who made the pond the swan's home.

    FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

    Audio clip:

    Anthony Hensley worked for a company using swans to keep gees out of a condominium complex pond in Des Plaines, Illinois.

    (Macri) "Eight days a week, the guy just never stopped working, and so for something like this to happen is horrible."

    The Cook Country Sheriff's Department says it looks like an aggressive, nesting swan knocked Hensley out of his kayak, and he drowned.  Witnesses saw him fall with two birds circling overhead.  Brother-in-law Tom Macri:

    (Macri) "It's a massive tragedy for, you know, his family, his loved ones and everybody that knows him in the community."

    He was pronounced dead at a hospital, 37 years old.

    Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.

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