FOX on Tech: Will New Airline GPS Help Eliminate Delays? [VIDEO]

A new GPS system could help flights take-off and land on time, which could mean lower fuel costs for airlines and savings - both in money and in hassle - for you, the traveler.

FOX's Dan Springer explains:

Audio clip:

The days of circling an airport, waiting to land, may be numbered thanks to some new technology that's about to take a test flight.  Starting in June at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, global positioning satellites will be used to guide planes down to the ground, replacing radar, which has been the aviation standard for 60 years.

Alaska Airlines has already equipped all of its planes and will partner with Federal Aviation Administration on the six-month test.  Officials say the benefits are shorter flights, more direct landings - which will save on fuel - and more a more precise schedule, allowing more passengers through an airport each hour.

If the system, which is called NextGen, works as promised, it will go national.  The price tag: an estimated $42 billion dollars.

In Seattle, Dan Springer, FOX News Radio.

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