Securing America: NY Terror Trial


Adis Medunjanin

Opening statements today in Brooklyn, New York in an alleged bomb plot trial. The government may call an American-born Jihadist to testify.

FOX News Radio's Liz White reports:

Audio clip:

He grew up on New York's Long Island, reportedly went to church, blended in at school, loved baseball. At some point, he joined a mainstream mosque where the President described him as quiet, polite, smiley.

By his own admission, Bryant Neal Vinas then traveled to Pakistan, intent on fighting U.S. forces in Afghanistan. A sworn member of al Qaeda, he was captured in Pakistan in 2008.

Today, he's on the list of potential government witnesses in the trial of Adis Medunjanin, who's accused of conspiring with two childhood friends from Queens to suicide bomb New York City subways. Officials say Vinas might offer a look at how al Qaeda indoctrinates born-in-the-USA extremists.

Liz White, FOX News Radio.