AEHQ: Which Candidate Is Best For Women in the Workforce?

Which presidential candidate is best for women in the workforce?  Two campaigns articulate their talking points on Sunday talk shows.

FOX's Peter Doocy reports fromWashington:

Audio clip:

From America's Elections Headquarters...

Senior Romney strategist Ed Gillespie on Sunday, hammered home the number he wants everyone to know: 92.3, the percentage of women, he says, account for all job losses since President Obama took office.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner didn't dispute that stat Sunday, but said the Republican's argument is incorrect because job losses at the beginning of the recession were in construction and manufacturing, disproportionally affecting men.

Then when the President took office, cuts in local governments meant layoffs of teachers, which impacted women more.

In Washington, Peter Doocy, FOX News Radio.