NJ Mayor Saves Neighbor From House Fire [VIDEO]

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker is being hailed as a hero after saving a neighbor from a burning home; carrying the woman out through the flames to safety.

FOX News Radio's Courtney Kealy reports:

Audio clip:

Mayor Cory Booker saying the fire's intensity had him praying to God:

Booker: "She and I are very lucky to have made it out of there. I don't think there's any heroism about it. We were just fighting for our lives and I feel very, very fortunate."

Fateen Ziyad, Newark's Fire Department Director describing the scene Thursday night:

Ziyad: (about Booker) "Initially being held back by Detectives responding; look, look we gotta save her, she may die, she may die. Went in and grabbed the woman out of bed and carried her through the fire."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Courtney Kealy, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: Mayor Booker was treated for smoke inhalation and second degree burns on his right hand and released from the hospital. The woman is in stable condition and recovering from second degree burns.

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