Securing America: High-Tech Blast Plastic Protects Troops [VIDEO]

A company in the Denver area is protecting soldiers from explosives with a high-tech, yet thin plastic.  SKYDEX has multiple contracts with the Department of Defense for this material, which is being used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

FOX's Alicia Acuna found out more about it in our ongoing series on national security:

Audio clip:

Plastic sheets have been placed in 17,000 war zone vehicles to save soldiers lives and limbs.  Mike Buchen is the CEO of SKYDEX...

(Buchen) "We absorb 71% of the blast energy that would normally be absorbed by the soldier."

SKYDEX works by using opposing plastic cones that collapse onto each other at impact, then recover immediately.  The impact testing is done in a lab, where I get to take the bat of science to three average tiles.

(Buchen) "Go ahead and hit those... ((shattering))."

Next, the decking material goes on top, and...

(Test) "(Thud)...Woah! It didn't do anything."

Alicia Acuna, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on this plastic HERE: