NJ School Bans Hugging [VIDEO]

There's a controversy at a New Jersey middle school that's upsetting some parents. A principal told students: no hugging.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony has details:

Audio clip:

Kids, there is no hugging at school. That was the message about 900 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders got from the principal at Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School in New Jersey, citing incidents of unsuitable, physical interactions.

(Parent) "There was probably some inappropriate physical  going on that lead to this decision."

She is more understanding than other parents.

(Parent) "They should worry more about bullying than they do about kids actually getting along."

Now the school superintendent says it's all being blown out of proportion, sensationalized. That although the principal acted responsibly, there's no policy against hugging, and no student would be punished for doing it.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio

WATCH to learn more about the NJ school that banned hugging: