Mom Accused of Selling 6-year-old Daughter for Sex

    Courtesy: WOKV

    A Jacksonville Beach, Florida woman has been charged with child abuse for trying to sell her six-year-old daughter for sex.

    Andrew Greenstein of FOX News Radio affiliate WOKV reports from Jacksonville, Florida:

    Audio clip:

    A Jacksonville Beach woman is under arrest for allegedly selling her 6-year-old daughter for sex.

    (Person on street) "Six-year-old daughter? Are you serious?"

    Understandably, neighbors that a nearby television station spoke to are beside themselves.

    (Person on street) "I can't even fathom the thought. I have a three-year-old and a two-year-old. I can't fathom the thought."

    Police say 39-year-old Delina Nicholas sold her daughter to two men in exchange for crack cocaine. Those two men, 56-year-old Quinn Brooks and 47-year-old John Hagans are in jail without bond.

    Nicholas is in Columbus, Georgia, awaiting extradition back to Jacksonville Beach.

    In Jacksonville, Florida, Andrew Greenstein, FOX News Radio