There's a lot of misery and cleanup to do from Kansas to Tennessee, devastated by storms and tornadoes that killed a dozen people in three states. Half of those killed, were in Harrisburg, Illinois, others were in Missouri and Tennessee.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from Harrisburg:

Audio clip:

Walking along this destroyed strip mall, I see bags of candy that would've been in Easter baskets. They're sitting in a box on the ground, surrounded by the shelves that once held it.

A lot of the other items that were for sale, now sit in a retention pond a few hundred feet away, tossed around by 170-mile-per-hour winds.

On the other side of that pond, a destroyed neighborhood that Governor Pat Quinn has toured.

(Quinn) "I saw people, even despite all the things that happened. They were taking chainsaws out, cutting down the trees. There were carpenters, volunteer carpenters, on the roofs of homes."

Six people have died here in Harrisburg, Illinois.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio

More storms may still be coming in the Midwest.

WATCH to learn more and see the damage already done:

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