UPDATE: Storms on Wednesday evening are responsible for at least three deaths in Tennessee, where widespread damage and people trapped in destroyed buildings have been reported.

Intense storms, and possibly a line of tornadoes tore through the Midwest Tuesday night. The rough weather system resulted in dozens of injuries and at least three deaths in Missouri. At least six have died in Harrisburg, Illinois, after a storm swept through the region. Powerful storms also ripped through Kansas, causing more injuries and leaving a trail of destruction.

Watch VIDEO of the aftermath & destruction HERE:

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FOX News Radio's Courtney Kealy reports:

One tornado hit Harrisburg, Illinois killing at least six people just before 5am local time according to its Mayor Eric Gregg.

(Gregg) "There were several minutes prior to the actual tornado coming through that we, that the people, were warned and was able to take some cover but unfortunately you know at the time, the morning, when it did hit most people are still sleeping. They're not listening to the radio or watching television."

A powerful storm system produced several tornados in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri causing at least nine deaths, numerous injuries and widespread damage.

Courtney Kealy, FOX News Radio.