It looks like 2012 isn't going to be a good year for Costa Cruises.  Only a month after one of the line's biggest ships struck rocks and capsized off the coast of Italy, killing dozens, another of the Carnival-owned line's ships; this one a much older, converted container ship, is at the mercy of the seas in a pirate-infested stretch of the Indian Ocean.

FOX News Radio's Phil Ittner has details from London:

Italian authorities have confirmed that a cruise ship belonging to the same company that owned the doomed Costa Concordia is reportedly adrift in the Indian Ocean.  A fire reportedly broke out onboard the Costa Allegra when it was 260 miles from the Seychelles coast, according to reports.

This vessel is much smaller than the Costa Concordia, with an onboard manifest of about 1,000 people - roughly a quarter of the Costa Concordia.  Authorities do say the fire appears under control, that the vessel is safe but without power and there is no immediate or direct threat to life.

In London, Phil Ittner, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more about the fire aboard the Costa Allegra HERE:

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