All four Republican presidential candidates got chances to make their points in Wednesday's debate in Arizona.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson reports from Mesa, Arizona.

From America's Election Headquarters...

(Debate sound)

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney battling over Repbulican loyalty, the auto-industry bailout and earmarks. Romney defending his appeals for federal help for the Salt Lake Olympics.

(Romney) "While I was fighting to save the Olympics, you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere."

Referring to the never-allocated funds for a bridge to the airport in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Santorum later took issue with Romney's boast that he balanced the Massachusetts budget every year he was Governor.

(Santorum) "You have a Constitutional requirement to balance the budget in four years. No great shakes."

The two did agree that President Obama's done a poor job in dealing with Iran and its nuclear program.

In Mesa, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio