An Ohio woman is charged with trying to carry out a murder for hire. The target: Anyone wearing fur.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper has details:

A 'protest'.

FBI Special Agent Scott Wilson says that's what Meredith Lowell of Cleveland Heights, Ohio was engaging in when she used library computers to try to find someone who would commit murder.

(Wilson) "She wanted to hire, for money, somebody to go out and murder somebody with a fur coat on."

Anyone with a fur coat, as long as they were at least 12 or 14 years old, according to the indictment.

Authorities say an investigator posing as a hitman was to be paid $730 in cash and jewelry.

Jennifer Kaden is with the Cleveland Animal Right Alliance.

(Kaden) "I'm appalled and horrified that somebody would think committing violence is going to further a cause that is all about non-violence."

Lowell, who has a court hearing next week, will remain in custody.

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio