It's a relatively new way to help people who need kidney transplants find donors, a chain, and it's the biggest one yet.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony explains:

Kidney transplant chains link people in need with donors willing to give.

(Terry) "What do you say to someone who gives you life?"

Don Terry is an Illinois diabetic who was the 30th person to get a new kidney through this one chain, the longest one yet created by the National Kidney Registry.

Chains can link people who want to help family members, but aren't compatible, donate a kidney to someone else, and in exchange, their loved one gets linked up with a compatible donor.

Paulette Behan's sister did that.

(Behan) "She was elated to hear this. That she could help not only me, but someone else."

Behan found a kidney from California after her sister's kidney saved someone in Pittsburgh.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio