Jurors in the so-called "Honeymoon Killer" trial are hearing some dramatic testimony from witnesses about what they saw underwater when an Alabama couple was SCUBA diving in Australia.   The dive ended with the newlywed wife dead.

FOX's Elizabeth Prann has details:

Alabama state prosecutors say Gabe Watson murdered his wife, Tina, during their 2003 honeymoon in Australia by cutting off her oxygen while they were SCUBA diving.  Prosecutors claim his motive was what he thought was a life and travel insurance policy on his new bride.  Prosecution called Dr. Stanley Stutts, who witnessed Tina's last moments.

(Stutts) "She wasn't thrashing.  She didn't have a lot of energy.  She was not in any way swimming, she didn't have the strength to swim."

Watson served 18 months in Australia for a negligent manslaughter charge before being extradited.  The defense claim that Tina panicked underwater, she lost control, she drowned and they also say she overweighted her weight belt, which is why she sank.

Elizabeth Prann, FOX News Radio.