Arizona's State Senate Appropriations Committee narrowly passed a bill this week which would create and fund an Arizona Special Missions Unit.  If the bill is passed, a state-funded group of armed volunteers would be available to help secure the border and assist local police with cross-border criminal activity.  The state would be responsible for vetting volunteers and would have a commander and commission overseeing the unit appointed by the Governor.  Under the current bill, the group would receive yearly funding of $1.4 million dollars and in addition to border duties, the group would also be tapped to assist with natural disasters as well as search and recovery missions.

There's strong opinions on both sides of this issue, both for and against this state funded militia idea.

Watch a fair and balanced debate on this topic HERE:

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Editor's note: Governor Brewer signed a bill authorizing a volunteer militia in Arizona last April, but it was never funded.

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