What's in a name?  A lot more than you'd think, apparently.  A man in Nevada is recovering from a heart attack he suffered in a restaurant that may be saying, "I told you so."

FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter reports:

It's a Las Vegas restaurant with a warning label.

(Customer) "It was right on the door that it's hazardous to your health."

He's been to the Heart Attack Grill, where a man eating the Triple-Bypass Burger...

(Waitress) "...Was having the sweats and shaking."

She's the waitress, dressed as a nurse, who told owner Jon Basso...

(Basso) "We've got a patient who's in trouble."

Yes, the restaurant makes light of its high-calorie menu, but Basso knew this was no joke: this man had a heart attack.

(Basso) "Even with our own morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that."

Basso says he's heard the unidentified man in his 40's is recuperating.

Ron Flatter, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill HERE:

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