Is it time for an election overhaul?  A new study has found millions of mistakes in voter registration rolls and says it's time for better tools for election officials.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady has the story:

Nearly two million people who've died are still registered to vote.  Nearly three million more who've moved are registered in more than one state, and another 12 million registrations with the wrong address.

(Becker) "The system is incredibly inefficient.  We're locked into 19th century technology: paper, pen, postal mail."

So David Becker at the Pew Center of the States says it's difficult to determine with certainty if two people with the same name and a similar birth date are really the same person.

(Becker) "One thing election officials definitely don't want to do is remove someone from the rolls because they think they're dead, and have them show up at the polls on Election Day."

The study also found 51 million people who though they registered to vote, were not registered.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more debate on this story HERE:

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